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Child Custody And Child Support Issues Are Crucial

One of the most lasting effects of a divorce is the impact it has on children. It is important that both parents and the lawyers representing them consider what is truly in their best interest.  Too many times, bitter parents use them as weapons or fail to recognize that, while it will be most painful not having your precious bundle of joy under your roof as much as desired, sometimes it really is better for the kids to live with the other parent. Sometimes, however, a custody battle is necessary.  If so, I have been winning them for a long time.

But They Are Not The Only Issues

Child custody, visitation and child support are, of course, not the only issues when going through a divorce in Georgia. There are also questions of who will get which asserts, who will pay which debts and whether one party is entitled to alimony and if so, how much and for how long?  Sometimes it takes some digging to find hidden assets or expenditures that don't want to be explained, usually for good reason.  Sometimes an agreement can be reached so that a contested trial is not needed.  Uncontested cases cost a lot less.

Choose An Experienced Brunswick Family Law Attorney

While it is best to make sure arrangements are fair and appropriate when they are finalized, circumstances do change in time.  If one parent moves out of the area or is otherwise unable to comply with the divorce decree, no matter whether the terms of it were reached by agreement or were the result of a trial, then perhaps it is time to negotiate a new deal or even go back to court for either a modification to change the terms of the divorce or a contempt to enforce them.

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