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With an emphasis on plaintiff’s personal injury cases (automobile accidents, malpractice, fraud, etc.) and family law (divorce, custody, etc.).

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Vincent D. Sowerby is a respected lawyer advocating for clients in general civil litigation, emphasizing personal injury, family law and car crash cases. Located on the corner of G and Newcastle Streets in downtown Brunswick, he is familiar with the courts throughout all of Southeast Georgia.  He has the necessary skill to help you resolve your legal problem.  No matter what your case involves, he is focused on your success. Please read his profile to learn more about his professional background.

Knowledgeable in multiple areas of the law

Mr. Sowerby has a thorough understanding of Georgia law. He works hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • Personal Injury: Personal injury is a serious matter that can affect your health, your job, your family and your future. If you have suffered a physical or financial injury because of someone’s negligence (carelessness) or because someone intended to harm you, you need an experienced personal injury attorney by your side.  Medical or legal malpractice, fraud, defamation, slander or any other variety of civil wrong is why Mr. Sowerby has been representing plaintiffs, and sometimes defendants, for the last 3+ decades.  A financial recovery may be available to you on a contingency fee, an hourly fee or any combination that you choose.  You get direct access to Mr. Sowerby, not layers of secretaries and paralegals who protect some staff lawyer assigned to your case from having to deal with actual human beings instead of just processing yet another file.
  • Family Law: Changes in your family structure pose many challenges. Whether you are pursuing adoption or have issues regarding divorce, custody, child support or alimony or are facing some other issue close to home, you need a family law attorney who can help you find solutions for your legal problems.  Uncontested matters get flat fees.  Contested matters are billed by the hour.  The minimum fee (up front money) will be quoted after you call and we discuss the ins and outs of your situation.
  • Auto Accidents: Every day, individuals suffer serious personal injuries in auto accidents caused by a careless or reckless driver. When an accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, we can help you through the process and make sure that you obtain all of the benefits and money you are entitled to receive.
  • General Civil Litigation:  Whether you want to sue or have been sued, Mr. Sowerby handles ALL TYPES OF LITIGATION, pretty much anything that can end up in a courtroom.

When you retain the services of Vince Sowerby, you can be assured that your attorney is fully qualified to take on your case.

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